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Services for Orthopedic Clinics

Teleradiology has many applications, but one area where it is used quite often is orthopedic and sports injury clinics. Athletes, both professional and amateur, can suffer musculoskeletal injuries, tendon and ligament problems, and a host of other conditions. At MRI Diagnostics, we can provide accurate results and fast turnaround times so that doctors can provide those athletes with a precise Continue Reading...

Precise Readings for Your Patients

As a physician, you want to provide the very best care for all of your patients, and when a serious issue arises, you want to be able to provide a precise diagnosis. If an internal condition or injury requires an MRI or CT scan, it’s important to be able to provide exact readings, so that you and your patient understand Continue Reading...

Expert Teleradiology Solutions for Your Staff

Working in a hospital can be challenging enough, but it can seem even more so when the facility is understaffed or lacks the experts needed for effective radiology services. Small hospitals and clinics that offer orthopedic treatments need teleradiology solutions that provide accurate and reliable readings, as well as a quick turnaround time. At MRI Diagnostics, we pride ourselves on Continue Reading...